What is Envolta’s Solar Service?

Simply put, you pay less for green solar power than you are currently paying for dirty power. You can start saving money immediately on your electricity costs with Envolta. With our Solar Service you don’t have to pay the high upfront cost to install solar equipment on your home. Instead, you pay a fixed amount each month to use the electricity the solar equipment generates.

  • We purchase the solar equipment and install it on your roof.
  • You pay little or nothing up front, then a low, fixed amount every month.
  • Your bill from CFE is dramatically reduced, resulting in a net savings.
  • We take complete care of the equipment for the life of the agreement.
  • You receive a guaranteed amount of power from the solar equipment.
  • It’s affordable. With our Solar Service, you don’t pay a lot up front and you start saving immediately.
  • It’s predictable. Your monthly payment is low and fixed, so you know what to expect.
  • It’s flexible. At any time after the first year, you can buy the system at a discount.
  • It’s easy. You’re not responsible for installation, maintenance, or repairs.
How it works

How much can I save?

Envolta customers save an average of 20% to 30% and enjoy the benefits of clean solar electricity. Savings vary based on your CFE tariff and future pricing, your home’s location, and your average energy consumption patterns.

How do I get started?

  1. Call us and get your home and electricity consumption evaluated in 10 minutes.   A solar specialist will tell you if solar works for your home.
  2. We will come to your house to look at it to make sure it’s really right for solar.
  3. We design a customized solar PV system based on your consumption patterns that maximizes your financial savings.
  4. When you sign up, we schedule and complete the installation of your system.
  5. We turn on your system and you start saving money immediately!
  1. Get your home approved for installation.
  2. Choose your option and sign the solar service agreement.
  3. Obtain credit approval (non-refundable application fee).
  4. We install your system.
  5. Make fixed monthly payments.
  6. We maintain your system for the life of the agreement.


If your home or building has an unobstructed view of the sun, please contact us or sign-up now!