Yes! If you are subject to high electricity rates from CFE, clean solar power is less expensive than grid supplied power. Solar power is also a smart financial investment because you will save money each year as utility rates continue to go up. Last but not least, a solar system will increase your property’s value.

A solar lease from Envolta is a very flexible way to enjoy the benefits of solar energy. When your contract ends, you have several good options to choose from:

  1. You can take ownership of the system for free.
  2. You can ask Envolta to remove your system for a fee.
  3. You can upgrade to a new system under a new contract.

Envolta’s solar solutions are designed to be flexible and maximize your home’s resale value. Many homeowners choose Envolta because they know they are going to move and plan to use Envolta’s Total Energy Service as an additional selling benefit. When you move you have the following options:

  1. Transfer the agreement at no charge. Envolta continues to provide Solar Services.
  2. Purchase the system. You can purchase the system any time after year one. The buyout price is specified in the agreement.

It is important to note that homebuilders are learning that solar homes sell faster and for higher prices than those without. If the new homeowner really didn’t want to save money on electricity, you could buy out the system from Envolta and have it removed. The result would be the same as if you had purchased the system outright.

Envolta offers a guarantee that your system will produce as much electricity as we promise, or we will pay you back for the shortfall annually.

  1. The amount of electricity we promise to deliver is specified in your agreement, so there are no surprises. We proudly stand by our claims.
  2. If your system underperforms, Envolta will refund you per kWh at the highest price you paid during the previous year.
  3. Our production estimates factor in variations in weather patterns throughout the year, and solar panel performance over time.

Solar is a low risk investment that will save you money on your electric bill. Most homeowners will earn double digit returns – more than they could make in the stock market and with much less risk. Because we provide a full service solution, your investment is even safer with Envolta.

As soon as you become an Envolta customer, you will qualify to receive $2,500 MXN for each customer you refer who signs up with Envolta. Just a handful of referrals each year may cover most of your cost.

If your panels make less power than we promise, we’ll owe you a refund for every unit of power you don’t get. This means that it is in our best interest to ensure that your system runs properly. Our goals are the same as yours. Your refund amount is specified in your agreement. We pay refunds annually starting in your second year as a customer.

Envolta offers a 15 year extension over the typical 5 year workmanship warranty from an installer. Unlike the manufacturers’ warranties for individual components, Envolta offers full insurance and maintenance coverage on the whole system. If something goes wrong, Envolta is responsible for chasing warranty claims, logistics, and fixing the problem. We also provide a Power Guarantee that eliminates your risk related to weather, power outages, and other interruptions in service of your solar energy system.


Kilowatt Hour (kWh)

A measure of energy consumption. This is the measurement of energy consumption CFE uses to calculate your bill. One kilowatt hour is defined as the amount of energy used by a 1,000 Watt appliance running for 1 hour.

DAC Tariff

This is a tariff charged by CFE for residential customers who require an above average amount of electricity. The per kWh charges by CFE are some of the highest of any ratepayer groups in the country.

NPV (Net Present Value)

NPV represents the value of future savings or profits discounted to their present value using an annual discount rate and defined span of time.